Kerryn loves sticker lately. When she sees it, she wants it. And when she opens up, she will just paste anywhere in her book. But this time round, her mischevious act is to paste in on her leg. And after pastin on her leg, she happily shows us her master piece.

New Artwork in School

Sembawang Shopping Centre

We went to the Sembawang Shopping centre after hearing my colleagues say how it has changed since the reopening. The 1st time we went, Kerryn is attracted to the water splash area. But we did not bring extra clothing and towel so she was disappointed. But this time round, I brought along cozs my intent is to let her play with the water. She is so happy running around playing with the water.

Dinner at Jack's Place

Today is Raymond's birthday. Since he can't take any off today, I meet up with my sister for dinner. We went to Jack's Place. As usual, I ordered my favourite Cayfish and chicken combo while my sister got to scracifice her steak for spaghetti. Reason being Kerryn want noodles for dinner. However due to the long wait, Kerryn beginning to be tired and refuses any food. So in order to calm her crankiness, we order a mango cake for her. That's help.

Kindness Campaign

This month is Kindness Campaign at Learning Vision. These are the kind things Kerryn did in school.

Kerryn's Needs in Class & Time Table

Show & Tell

Kerryn's form teacher request us to bring a photo of herself or family to class because they will be doing show and tell. After the activities, they will self-made the photo frame and have the photo frame up.

After the 1st show and tell, the following week the teacher request Kerryn to bring her favourite toy for this activities.